Learning Centers

The following is a list of typical learning centers in our preschool for children age 3 to 5. The skills listed are examples of curriculum goals that are incorporated into the morning learning center activities.

Learning Center

Examples of skills we focus on



The Learning Place, LLC Art

  • experiment with color, shape, size, line & various art media
  • express ideas in creative ways
  • fine motor skills (ie. cutting, drawing, painting)



The Learning Place, LLC Literacy

  • fine motor development (tracing and "writing")
  • name & letter recognition
  • creating forms with various writing tools
  • language & vocabulary development



The Learning Place, LLC Block Area

  • explore math concepts (size, shape, weight, length)
  • matching, sorting & organizational skills (during clean up)
  • experiment with balance, spatial relations, length & weight



The Learning Place, LLC Dramatic Play

  • cooperate and problem solve with peers
  • recreate real life situations
  • use imagination to create play situations with peers



The Learning Place, LLC Sensory Table

  • large motor development (scooping, pouring, etc.)
  • explore textures, the five senses, and cause & effect relationships
  • cooperate & problem solve with peers



The Learning Place, LLC Library Area

  • learn that print communicates a message
  • identify parts of a book (cover, pages, illustrations)
  • enjoy stories on tape & learn book handling skills
  • "read" or retell a story by looking at the illustrations



The Learning Place, LLC Math/Science Area

  • sort objects by shape, color and size
  • count a set of objects
  • explore patterns with objects
  • explore weight, size, balance and texture
  • record information with graphs and drawings



The Learning Place, LLC Outdoor Classroom

  • nature-based areas that support hands-on learning through music, science, art, dramatic play and more!
  • gives your child a chance to explore and discover naturally


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