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Enrichment Classes

Music, Movement & Mindful Play

This class engages children in movement and mindful activities to explore balance, flexibility, and focus. The teacher incorporates yoga poses, stories, music,

movement, and mindfulness for a class that is full of positive energy. 


Make & Take Classes / Holiday Gifts

Students will make a gifts for a special occasion. 

We have had classes to make gifts for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day,  and Christmas.


Learning Through Classic Literature

This class allows children to exploring old time classics, fairy tales, and

nursery rhymes in fun and creative ways. Activities include storytelling,

bookmaking, themed crafts and other literacy extension activities.

STEM Classes

Ms. Erin, our STEM specialist, will offer single classes and classes in a series. 

She creatively makes Science, Technology, Engineering, and

Math kid-friendly, and FUN!

Creative Kitchen Classes

These unique classes offer everything from food prep, cooking, no-bake

recipes, placemat crafts, and learning how to set a table.

Coloring & Drawing Class

Ms. Bethany leads guided drawing activities. Children practice drawing

techniques and following directions to create a completed project.

Each child leaves with their own drawing of an animal.

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